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Why Now...?

Good question.

The sheer quantity of improbable things that have happened to get us to this moment are hard to share in a short blog post. Let’s take a brief pause from the amazing journey we talked about in the first post—don’t worry, we’ll get back to that story soon—and talk about why all this is happening right now. Do you believe in fate? I want to share just one of the wackier “OMG whaaaat?!?!?” kinds of coincidences and good fortune that have moved this movie from fantasy into reality.

The ‘idea’ of doing a film with Tami at the center of it was cooked up maybe three years ago. (You can read about some of our first, hilarious adventures in Hollywood on the Patreon Page: ) We took a brief trip to LA for some meetings and people seemed to agree that with a steady drumbeat of 80s nostalgia going, it was high time for Tami to return to the screen. For evidence they were right, check this out ( The advice we got from several people was ‘just make a fantasy film’ and have Tami and one or two notable cast members in it. Simple! (We were also told to ‘put a dragon in it…’ more on that at a later time.)

To be honest we weren’t sure how to just ‘make a fantasy film’ dragon or no dragon. So for a year or two we mulled it over. A feature seemed farfetched, so Tami and I outlined some short films that would give us a chance to learn more about the end- to-end process of making movies. But with life being busy with many other more practical things, that’s about as far as we got.

But here is just one example of the “OMG Whaaaaat?!?” coincidences that have us to point of making a movie right now. We were in California for winter holidays. I happen to click on an email in my spam folder about a class at Actor’s Green Room with an indie director/producer named Rob Margolies. On an whim I signed up. In class, I liked Rob’s down to earth style and practical advice. I could tell that he had a great sense of how to get good things from talented actors. I reached out via email after to follow up on something he said in class, and mentioned that Tami and I were looking to develop some short films. Did he remember her by any chance from The Neverending Story, and could we connect with him for a coffee?

Rob wrote back. “Greg, I named my first son Bastian. That was my all time favorite movie as a kid. Let’s definitely get coffee.”

So, why are we making this movie right now? Partly because I opened a spam email, and thus met a talented indie director who just happened to have dreamed of making a fantasy movie starring Tami Stronach since he was 5 years old.

Fate takes a hand.

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