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The last six months have been an incredibly wild ride. For the world, for us, and for the Man & Witch movie. In the late summer we made the decision to move production of the film from the east coast of the U.S. to the wild places and ancient stones of Scotland. Why Scotland? So many reasons, but fundamentally... for the absolutely epic scenery.

In changing the production plan, the fall also became a time to re-set and re-think almost everything about the project. With a more ambitious approach taking shape, and with COVID and winter bearing down on us, Tami and I made an important decision to partner with a more experienced producing and directing team to bring the film to life and to push our start date to the spring. That plan has now taken form and substance and though I’m not going to spill all the tea in this one blog post, let’s just say that the start of production for Man & Witch, at long last, is immanent.

We are now in the very capable hands of brilliant Glasgow based director Michael Hines who with the help of casting director Simone Pereira Hind has already given us several "OMG you got who to be in the movie!!!??? That's... that's... that's insane!!!" moments in the last two months. So over the next weeks and months it’s time to finally start revealing more specific details about the cast, the amazing new creative team, and giving you a proper look behind the scenes.

Keep an eye out for announcements here in the coming weeks as the final preparations get in place and the camera gets rolling.

A lot of you have reached out on social media and through the website to ask: “What can I do to help?” Well the absolute best thing you can do right now is to help us get word out to fans around the world that Tami is making a comeback with the help of some iconic and talented friends. You probably know that marketing budgets for even itsy-bity studio movies are considerably larger than the total budget of our film. So really the only thing we have going for us to get the word out about this movie is... you.

You're it. You're our 'marketing' department. Hi. Welcome aboard. We're kind of a bring-your-own-coffee kind of outfit right now, so have some coffee if you've brought some, and find a desk! What's the plan? You! You're the plan! Go tell your friends and your mother and your mother's friends that we're making a movie! And your kid brother, tell him. And all his friends! And your kids and their friends! Tell them about it, too!

It’s pretty simple really: the more people who join us here on the website and social media, the better chance this underdog indie project has to reach a wide audience when it’s ready to meet the world. You really will improve the film's chances of success immensely just by sharing these updates with friends. So if you have a NeverEnding Story fan in your life, or if you know someone who is just ‘into’ all things 80s and fantasy films, sign them up for the updates, and we’ll see you back here with more news in a week or two.

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