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Quality Quarantine Time...

Quarantine. Glasgow. Day 8.

If I think back to a year ago, I couldn't have imagined that a mere 12 months on the film would be financed, mostly cast, and that we would now be within sight of the beginning of principle photography. In Scotland!?!?!?!

Even if I could have imagined things would come this far this fast, I definitely would not have guessed that we would be doing all our meetings on video calls and that I would be in Covid quarantine in Glasgow having never met in person with the most of the team of people who are working feverishly on the film in a production office a short distance away.

Covid is a major, major challenge to productions at every level. For a true indie it is a dizzyingly difficult hurdle. At a time when Tami and I have an urgent need to be in the studio rehearsing, in the gym preparing for the physical work of the film, in the production office lending a hand, instead we are parked in a cozy flat for ten days in splendid isolation.

It would be easy to be frustrated but when I take a step back to think about it, by any measure we’re still incredibly, incredibly lucky to be where we are right now. Together as a family. Healthy and working. Doing what we have always dreamt of doing.

So as you can see by this picture, inspired by Tami’s sunny disposition, we’re making the most of our quality quarantine time! Two more days!

*Editors Note: Tami would like to officially apologize to the downstairs neighbor for our middle-of-the-night, jet-lag induced, dance rehearsals and online fitness classes.

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