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Updated: Jul 9, 2020

So Tami and I are sitting at the table in the coffee joint with Rob, at that first eventful meeting. And Rob has just asked me to give him an example of the kind of short film I had been thinking about making for Tami to be in. And I’ve just finished telling him the story of a Man who is cursed who goes to a Witch to help him break the curse so he can find a wife, and she gives him three tasks, etc… and I’m thinking it could be like a ten to fifteen minute short.

But Rob isn’t sure. He likes the idea a lot. But he feels like there may be more in it than just a short. “Could you make it more like a feature-length film?” He asks. And I don’t really have any idea, but I say, “sure, I guess I could try to come up with a story that has enough in it for a feature.” 

And we start talking about how it could expand, and his idea is that it could be a great family-friendly fantasy film, and as we’re talking more about some possibilities for the story Rob asks a great, great question:

“What if you put talking animals in it...?”

...and I LOVE that idea!!!

And I’m starting to see where this short film could grow into a bigger, better, more exciting thing. So we end our little coffee meeting with Rob saying, “Look, I think this is a really fun idea, and I’d love to work with Tami obviously, so if you can, write it as a feature and send it to me.”

So I wrote it. And I sent it to him.  And Rob liked it! But…

Rob is back in LA now, and we’re on a call to talk about how we can possibly get this script made and after telling me how much he loves the film and that he’s really excited to try and find funding and make the movie, he says, “Look, Greg, I love the talking animals but, here’s the thing, that’s going to be really expensive, after effects, CGI, that stuff is all really expensive…”

“But, Rob!” I protest, “That was your idea! It’s one of my favorite things about the script!”

Later that fall we do a reading at the loft, and we’re talking about the talking animal ‘problem’ and Nick Young, Rob’s brilliant producing partner at Different Duck Films, has an idea…

“Guys,” says Nick, “I know how we do it. We’re going to do puppets.”

And it’s at that moment that the movie starts to really come into focus for me. We have Tami starring as the Witch. An 80s icon. So it needs to be an 80s style fantasy film. And to do that, duh, you need puppets. But not just any puppets…

(9 months later)

Enter, stage left, these folks to fabricate our realistic animal puppets.

Is the Man and Witch team excited? Yes. Yes we are.

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