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The Dance of A Thousand Steps

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Every process, every journey, and every dance begins with a single step, a single gesture, or a single leap of faith. The story of how this film first began its journey is an amazing story in and of itself. This blog is where we will try to tell that story; everything that has happened so far, what will be happening in the immediate future, and where we hope our path will lead. So--to quote Mandy Patinkin's iconic turn as Inigo Montoya in the Princess Bride, as he invites the Man in Black to duel--let us...


There Was Once An Absolutely Remarkable 11 Year Old Girl.

She was cast as an Empress in a wonderful fantasy film, and despite having never been in front of a camera before, she gave a generation of movie goers a uniquely powerful performance to hold in their hearts and inspire their imaginations...

The film The Never Ending Story, at the time the most expensive film every made in Germany, went on to worldwide acclaim and it eventually became a cult classic; one of several fantasy films that endure in the cultural memory and hearts of fans around the world. The girl's face became one of the most enduring images of an era, a symbol of imagination, and a powerful reminder of the unquenchable light of hope in times of darkness.

And then she disappeared.

The girl's incredibly emotional and mature performance immediately captured the attention of Hollywood. After the film was released in the U.S. the girl found herself almost entirely without support or protection inside the high stakes world of the entertainment business at a time when, sadly, child actors were often mistreated, mismanaged, and led astray. She loved acting. It was her most abiding passion. And she had that natural spark in front of the camera that can sometimes translate into super-stardom. But she wasn't willing to be used inappropriately and let the business rob her of her love of acting by exploiting her image, her body, and her soul and spitting her back out when it was done with her.

So she left. Disappeared from the public eye. And as quickly as she had become famous, she was gone.

Almost like magic.

To the outside world it appeared that she had given up acting. The legend of the film endured, and her fans never forgot her; year in and year out sending pictures and heartfelt and moving letters about what her performance as the Empress had meant to them. But in a world before the internet there was no way for anyone to really know where she had gotten off to, and what she was doing.

In fact she was out of sight, and far, far away from the machine that can be so brutal to young talent. Dancing to a different drum.

Now you should know that few know the truth of where she went, and why, and what happened after that. But you will know, if you follow this blog, because the story of that remarkable girl is the prologue of the story of the film Man and Witch: The Dance of A Thousand Steps.

And if you take our hand, and let us lead you, you will be one of the very few who will learn the whole dance, and be a part of this new story from the very beginning.

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